Canva Shortcuts – All Important keyboard shortcut keys in Canva

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In the world of digital art and design, time-saving tricks can be a game-changer. Imagine being able to create beautiful designs in less time! Well, that’s where Canva shortcuts come into play. Canva is a popular tool for graphic design, and it comes with some cool keyboard shortcuts that can make your work much faster. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all the important shortcut keys in Canva, so you can use them easily and speed up your design projects.

Canva Shortcut Keys List

Basic Important keyboard shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysAction or Task
Cmd/Ctrl + ASelect All
Delete Or BackspaceDelete Element
Cmd/Ctrl + C and VC for Copy and V for Paste
Alt/Option + DragQuick Copy
Cmd/Ctrl + ZUndo Last Action
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo Last Action
TAB KeyPrevious/Next
Cmd/Ctrl + ‘+’ KeyZoom In
Cmd/Ctrl + ‘-‘ KeyZoom Out
Cmd/Ctrl + SSave File
T keyAdd a Text Box
Cmd/Ctrl + UUnderline text
Cmd/Ctrl + BBold Text
Cmd/Ctrl + IChange text to italics
R keyCreate a Rectangle
C keyCreate a Circle
L keyCreate a Line
Arrow Key (Left, Right Up Down)Move an element by 1px
Shift + Arrow KeysMove an element by 10px

Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts List

Canva Keyboard ShortcutAction or Task
Cmd/Ctrl + GGroup Elements
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup Elements
Cmd/Ctrl + ] or [Move an element Forward/Backward
Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Option + ] or [Move all the way to the front or back
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + KChange text to uppercase or lowercase
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + < or >Increase or decrease font size
Cmd/Ctrl + EnterAdd new page
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + JAlign a group of text boxes
Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Option + UP or DOWN arrowLine Spacing
Cmd/Ctrl + /Open or close the Search
Alt/Option + Shift + LLock / Unlock for editing
Shift + RToggle Rulers on/off
Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Option + CCopy Text Style
Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Option + VPaste Text Style
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + LAlign Text to the Left
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + RAlign Text to the Right
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + CAlign Text in the Center
Cmd/Ctrl + DDuplicate Elements
Cmd/Ctrl + ASelect All Elements
Shift + Drag CornersConstrain Proportions While Resizing
Alt + Drag Side HandlesScale Element Relative to Its Center Point
Cmd/Ctrl + 0Zoom 100%
Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + 0Zoom to Fit
Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + MAdd a Comment
Shift + ClickSelect Multiple Elements

important keyboard shortcut keys for Canva Video

Canva Keyboard ShortcutAction or Task
SpacebarPlay or Pause a Video
Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Option + LLoop Video
MMute or unmute a video
Open up help. Hint: Search “keyboard shortcuts” for quick access!Open up help. Hint: search “keyboard shortcuts” for quick access!

As we wrap up our journey into the world of Canva shortcuts, you’ve now got a powerful tool in your design arsenal. These keyboard tricks are like hidden treasures that can help you become a design pro in no time. By using these Canva shortcut keys, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics faster than ever before. So, go ahead and start using them in your projects. Remember, practice is key, and the more you use these shortcuts, the better you’ll get. Happy designing!

Q1. What are Canva shortcuts, and why should I care about them?

Canva shortcuts are like magic spells for your computer’s keyboard. They let you do things in Canva really quickly. That means you can make awesome designs without wasting time clicking around. Cool, right?

Q2. Can I change the Canva keyboard shortcuts to what I like?

Nope, you can’t customize them. Canva gives you a set of shortcuts, and you’ll need to use the ones they provide.

Q3. Do Canva shortcuts work the same on Mac and Windows computers?

Yes, they mostly work the same on both types of computers. Canva designed them to be the same for everyone, so it’s easy to learn.

Q4. How can I remember all these Canva shortcut keys?

Good question! It takes some practice. You can make a little list of your favourite shortcuts and keep it nearby when you’re working in Canva. The more you use them, the better you’ll get at remembering them.

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